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Dialysis Unit
The Dialysis Unit at Sri Ram Super Speciality and Referal Hospital is part of the renal replacement therapy program to help patients suffering from various forms of kidney failure. It is a technologically sophisticated system with a special design that allows constant patient observation and timely intervention to prevent complications.

Dialysis is a life-saving procedure for patients whose kidneys are not working properly, in which excess water and waste products are removed from the body. In hamodialysis, blood is drawn out through a tube in the patient’s arm into a special machine which filters the blood and pumps it back into the body. This procedure can last several hours, during which a patient’s entire blood courses through the machine numerous times. In peritoneal dialysis, the space inside the abdomen called the ‘peritoneal cavity’ is used for dialysis.

Diagnostic Services
Within the framework of our consulting and diagnostic services, we specialize in:

  • Kidney biopsy – removal of a small piece of kidney tissue for diagnostic purposes or to monitor treatment